Foolproof Biscuits

Ever tried to make biscuits and they just come out of the oven like dry pieces of cardboard? Or they carry a taste reminiscent of baking soda?

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Beer Bread

Beer Bread is one of the quickest bread recipes out there, with a distinct flavor and an awesome moist texture.

Beer has rising agent in it already, but most store-bought beer will not have enough of it to make the bread rise; for this, most beer bread recipes include baking powder, which reacts with the beer to lets the bread rise and develop air pockets. Because of this process, Beer Bread is certainly a ‘quick bread’ – the recipe consists of mixing the dry ingredients together, then mixing in the melted butter & beer, then baking right away. There are no rising times or kneading.

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Dutch Apple Pie

Dutch Apple Pie combines the best of both worlds: the even slices and crust of the Apple Pie and the delicious crumb topping of the Apple Crisp.

Many, including me, prefer making apple crisp when they are in a rush – this can be solved by purchasing frozen pie crusts and thawing them ahead of time. However, some also make apple crisp for the sole reason of that sought-after golden crunch: the brown sugar and oats Crumb Topping that layers Apple Crisp and probably gives both of its names; the American name “Apple Crisp” and the British “Apple Crumble.”

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Homemade BBQ Sauce

This BBQ Sauce has a fringe of spicy tang and a balancing sweetness. Caramelized onions are blended into the mix, giving the sauce a bit of a smoky taste.

There’s not right or wrong when it comes to adjusting ingredients; what you add more or less of depends on your desired end result for different tastes.

Don’t be afraid to use the little bit of hot sauce listed in the ingredients; it is an addition that brings more to the flavor but remains mild enough for anyone, being a very small amount.

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Apple Crisp

A delicious dessert (especially with ice cream), this apple crisp is loaded with apples and topped with an irresistible mixture of sugar, butter, and oats.

The types of apples you use are up to you, and each produces a slightly different variance in flavor.

The actual insides are thickened with flour, and seasoned with a bit of sugar and cinnamon, among other things. You may be able to substitute flour with corn starch, and d cane sugar with coconut sugar or other alternatives, but be sure not to skip out on the cut-in butter in crumb topping! It’s what gives the apple crisp character.

If you don’t care about the topping, stick with pie, in other words. (Unless you are making a dutch apple pie, which literally combines the best in both worlds, and basically is comprised of a regular apple pie with crumb topping o_o maybe that will be my next dessert creation? Let me know what you think 😛   )

That said, if I was on a time crunch, and had to decide between pie and crisp, I’d definitely go with the apple crisp, because there is no pie crust to fuss over, and no complicated pastry patterns on the top. Crisp takes shorter to make, in my opinion, and tastes just as good if not better, depending on your taste.

apples in pan


Apple Crisp Recipe – – – – PRINT

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Lemon Cucumber Smoothie

This Detox Lemon Cucumber Smoothie may sound a bit odd to a lot of you, but the fact is that, as someone who doesn’t like vegetables all that much, I found this smoothie tasted quite good, and hardly noticed that it had cucumber in it.

So try doing without the sugar-loaded cereal, and instead grab a fresh dose of fruits and vegetables all ready to go from a Vitamix into a cup.

Pouring smoothie


Lemon Cucumber Smoothie recipe – – – – PRINT

lemon cucumber smoothie

Garlic Potato Soup

Especially on a cold day, potato soup goes a long way. Serve with my Garlic Spiral Rolls for a complete meal.


For this potato soup, I tried not to use all that much dairy, since many potato soups are thick and creamy because of a bucketful of heavy cream, which is not easily digestible to some people in my family. Instead, I used a half cup of  flour in a broth base to create a savory gravy-like mixture that, when added to the vegetables and the rest of the soup, turned the whole pot into a creamy and very thick mixture, to the extent of having to simply add more liquid to reach a more moderate consistency. However, it is not strictly dairy free, as this soup recipe calls for the use of butter, but I’m sure you could find it very easy to substitute the butter with something non-dairy, like coconut oil, and not have it alter the final product noticeably.

Besides that slight change, for this recipe I went back to the basics. So there is nothing fancy about this potato soup; it just your traditional bowl of rich, creamy, thick potato soup that is packed with flavor, and tastes really good!


Also see this recipe as a recipe video on my baking channel on YouTube!

Garlic Potato Soup recipe – – – – PRINT

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